Looking Back

The mobile lifestyle of traveling in camper started appealing to us a few years ago, and after a trial year in a Sprinter van we decided that we needed the space and access a 4×4 truck camper would provide. Rebuilding and customizing the Mitsubishi Fuso truck camper that we found took almost a year, but it was worth it. The truck has everything we need for day to day life, carries all of our belongings and can go just about anywhere we want to park it.

While we were working on the truck last winter, we also found Rio, our little dog who fits right in to the truck life. She is small enough to be comfortable living in our tiny space but has plenty of personality and energy and makes us new friends pretty much wherever we bring her. After spending the summer living in the truck around the Pacific Northwest, we took a small break to kayak the Grand Canyon and make final preparations for international truck life.

Traveling the world in our little home on wheels, with all of our things and gear to enjoy our favorite activities, has been the goal since the beginning of building the truck. Now we are excited to finally be headed down to Baja to start exploring. This blog will be a way of recording some of our travels and reflecting on what we discover along the way.




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