La Ventana Life Continues

The last couple weeks in La Ventana have been mellow. Calm sunny mornings and windy afternoons are the standard most days. I still haven’t been able to kite because of my knee, but the mornings are perfect for long snorkel swims. There is a lot of beautiful coral and marine life right off the beach near our campground. Mitch has been foiling every day, with downwinders on his surfboard to the waves at the South end of the bay when the wind provides. Rio has charmed pretty much the entire campground by now with her weird but endearing social skills.

We were able to get a beachfront camping spot for a week, which made for some beautiful sunrise and sunset views and ideal hammock lounging for me while trying to heal my knee. One day a thunderstorm came in and it rained for the entire day — pretty unusual in the desert. The rain stopped in the evening and an entire arc of rainbow stretched across the sunset. The day before that I went paddle boarding in a mangrove bay near La Paz and a pod of curious dolphins came right up to us, jumping around and swimming under us. Experiences like this remind us why we love living by the ocean. Now we are just deciding when and where to head next.



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